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I was saving photos on a USB drive that needed to be in order. They remained in order as long as I was dragging and dropping from another folder.

Then I found a photo I wanted to add and instead of saving to the file I was dragging from I saved directly to the USB drive. At that point all the photos where no longer in order.

Is it because I saved directly to the USB drive? Or does the PC actually just randomly change the way you had been saving the files for no reason?

Please if you can answer this it would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Cynthia,

When you save photos on a drive, they are not really saved in any particular order. Instead, they are saved in the first available empty space on the device, sometimes, one file can be saved across several locations.

When you are looking at your files on the USB drive, the order they are displayed in is determined by the way they are sorted, usually by file name, but you can change the way they are sorted depending on what your needs are.

When you are looking at your files, you can sort them by file name, file size, date, or any tags you might have given them.

Since you want your files in a specific order, the easiest way to line them up, is to change the file name. If you have less than 100 photos, name the first one 01myphoto, then the second one 02myphoto and so on. The my photo part of the file name can be whatever you want it to be as long as the numbers at the beginning of the file name are in the correct order. If you have more than 100 photos to organize, just start with two zeros in front of the file name. 001, 002, etc.



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