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Dear Computer Lady,

I am working with Windows 8 and photos. When I plug my cameras SD card into my computer, it erases the card and puts the pictures into my Windows Media Player.

How do I get them out of the media player and put into a file that I choose?

I really would like to get my pictures out of the Media player and into my files. Please help!!!!

Thank you, Roberta

Dear Roberta,

When your computer copies photos from your SD card to your hard drive, it usually puts them in either your, “Pictures” or, “Public Pictures” folder.

In your case, the photos are then opened using Windows Media Player.

While Media Player is the program that is being used to view and edit your photos, the photos are not being held inside the program.

Think of Windows Media Player as a window that you can look through to see your photos. If you move and look through a different window, you can still see the photos.

You should be able to find the location of your pictures by looking through the Pictures or Public Pictures folders on your computer.

To view your pictures using a different program, open the program you want to use, then click on “File” and “Open” to find and open your photos.



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