Take Pictures Out of Programs

Dear Computer Lady,

I have pictures in Zoom browser and an adobe photo album and I would like to put them in the same file with all my pictures. I can’t seem to figure out how they let me do that. I can copy them but they are still there in the other files. I would appreciate some insight on this dilemma.

Thank you, Connie


Dear Connie,

Thank you for your question. I see this type of question all the time, from many of my readers and clients.

The reason you can’t figure out how to take photos out of your programs is because they are not actually stored in the program. This is true both with photos, and documents.

When you put photos on your computer, they go into a folder somewhere. Most of the time, they go into your “My Pictures” or just “Pictures” folder, but some programs will put them in a different location.

An example of a program putting your pictures in a different location wild be Kodac Easy Share. It usually creates a “Kodac” folder in the “Public Photos” folder and then stores your photos in that location.

As long as you know where your photos are stored, you can view them in any image viewing and editing program.

I am not familiar with the zoom browser, or the adobe photo album program, so I don’t know where they tend to store photos. I can tell you how to find the photos.

Open one of the photo programs, and find one of the pictures. Write down the file name of the picture…. it might be something like, “DSCN1488.jpg” or some other name and numbering system that your camera uses.

Now, search for that file using your windows search function. You didn’t specify which version of Windows you are using, so I can’t give you exact directions.

If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, just click on “Start” and type the file name in the search box at the bottom of the Start menu.

If you are using an older version of Windows, click on “Start” and then click on “Search”.

Once you have located your photos, you can move them into the same folder as all your other pictures by dragging them. You will be doing this in Windows Explorer, not in your photo programs.

I hope this helped answer your question. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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