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Dear Computer Lady,

A cousin sent me a CD that has photos on them, and told me it was a jpg file. I inserted the CD into my computer (Windows ME) and nothing happens.

What should I do to see the photos?



Dear Rex,

When you insert a CD into your CD-ROM drive, it will automatically start up only if it has an autorun file on the disk.

Since it appears your CD doesn’t have an autorun file, you will have to bring up the pictures yourself.

1. Put the CD in your computer.

2. Double click on “My Computer” on your desktop to open it. If you have Windows XP, click on “Start” and then on “My Computer”.

3. In the “My Computer” window, you will need to decide which drive has your CD ROM. Usually, it will be the D drive, but it might be a different letter. You can usually tell a CD-ROM drive because the icon has a round CD on top of the drive icon. Double click on the CD-ROM drive.

4. If you didn’t get the right drive the first time, go ahead and try another drive.

5. You should now have a window for your CD. It will either have files listed, or one or more folders. The files can be opened by double clicking on them, the folders can be opened the same way, then double click on the image files inside the folders.

If you have my free software pick, Irfanview, you can double click on the first image file, then view all the pictures in a folder by pressing the spacebar each time you want to advance to a new photo.


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