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Dear Computer Lady,

I have installed Windows 10 and the main thing I don’t like is Microsoft Edge. I still use both Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird. In my e-mails when I open a photo attachment it opens with Microsoft Edge.
How can I change the setting so that it opens with Firefox or Adobe or Windows.
Many thanks for all your previous most helpful comments in your newsletter.

Kindest regards, Warren Green

Dear Warren,

Windows 10 makes it fairly easy to change your default photo application. Here is how.

Click on the windows 10 start button and type “Default apps” You will see a list of search results. Click on “Default App Settings”.

In the window that opens, click on “Default apps” in the left column, then set your default web browser to Firefox.

Next, click the link that says, “Choose Default apps by File type” and scroll down to whatever photo file type you usually open (probably .jpg) and select the application you want it to open in.

Windows 10 does not need you to apply the settings, just close the dialog box and it should work the next time you open a photo.



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