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Dear Computer Lady,

The printer I have used for years has broken. I took it to a local shop and they might be able to fix it. I would rather spend money on a printer that works for me than one that isn’t going to do what I need.

In thinking that I need to buy a new printer, I did some checking in on line comments and found that many printers don’t do labels. When I called Avery they said they don’t offer recommendations.

My new tech friend said he was surprised that my printer does labels without peeling them off. He recommends a printer that moves the paper straight across. This style is available in either a regular printer or a laser.

I checked your website to see what you recommend for printing labels and didn’t know what topic to check.

I always enjoy your newsletter in my mail box and usually learn something new.


Dear Barb,

I have used quite a few printers over the years, both inkjet, and now a color laser printer.

I have also printed a lot of labels. Most of them from Avery, but also a few store brand. The only time I have run into problems is if I use inkjet labels on the laser printer (They can’t take the heat of the fuser) It will say right on the package what kind of printer they are made for.

As long as you are using a full sheet of labels, and the correct type of label for your printer, you should be all set. You start running into problems when you try to print on smaller sheets, or you use the wrong type.


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