How To Print Only Parts of a Page

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

When I come across a very interesting quote, article, and not the whole thing, I want to print it out! .

My old PC would let me highlight the words, then copy and print.

With my new Christmas “Dell” I can’t figure how to do the same thing. I do not want to print the whole article or page, just the facts of interest! !!!

Thank you!! Vera

Dear Vera,

The ability to highlight and print only certain areas of a page is not a Windows feature, instead it is a feature that some (but not all) printers include with their drivers.

If your printer drivers have the feature, all you need to do is highlight the part of the page, and when you are setting up your printer options (where you select the number of copies you want to print) There should be a section called, “Print Range” here you can select the current page or a range of pages, or a setting called, “Selection”.

When you click on “Selection” and click “Print” only the selected portion of the page will print. My current printer (pictured above) does have that feature.

If your printer does not include that option, and you want to print part of a web page, there is a website: that will help you.

I have not used but there are quite a few people who love it.



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    • cindym
    • February 9, 2013

    I open a blank Word document. Go back to the page that has your information and highlight the parts you want. Do a “right” click and select “copy” and then go to your blank Word document. Click to place your cursor and then do another “right” click and select “paste”. This always works for me. On a rare occasion, I’ve had to click on “edit” to edit the message first, then do the copy and paste. You could save this document as to subject matter, ex: quotes and then open this document to add more quotes in the future.

    • heirhunter
    • February 10, 2013

    I would have her check her programs for the snipping tool,putting her + cursor on the upper left corner, then dragging it down to the bottom right hand corner to outline the selection, hit copy under edit, then open a page like she was going to write a letter and paste the selection there where she can either print it or save it

    • JDeck76
    • February 11, 2013

    I have no trouble highlighting and copying any part of what is on my screen, then pasting it in MS Word. If I do not care about the HTML, I can just copy it into any text editor.
    To copy, save, or print directly from the a Web site, I have PrtScr installed. It is easy and free. You can find it at “”.
    — Joe

    • JDeck76
    • February 11, 2013

    I just want to add that the solutions I mentioned are not dependent on what printer you are using.

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