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Dear Computer Lady,

I too read your info in the weekly Sentinel and also receive your online newsletter, which I enjoy and have learned so much.

I am so disappointed in HP as I just purchased a new HP PC w/Windows 7 and am really happy with it, after finally giving up on my old PC.
However, I am unable to setup my HP Laserjet Printer 1012, that is still perfectly fine and am happy with. Evidently it is not compatible so probably will have to buy a new printer.

I find this totally unacceptable, as it seems HP just wants us to buy new products rather than keep using perfectly good old ones.

Is there anyway I can adapt my printer to my new PC?

Thanks so much, J. in York, ME


Dear J,

I did a little research on HPs website, and it looks like you have one of the few printers that is not compatible with Windows 7.

For the most part, HP is pretty good at releasing updated drivers for new operating systems as they come out. For some reason, they have a short list of printers that will not work with Windows 7.

I don’t have any way for you to adapt your printer to the new computer, there are a couple of things you could do to adapt your computer to the printer, but neither option is simple, or inexpensive.

You could install an older operating system on the new PC. Either Visa or XP would work with your printer. Installing an older operating system is not easy though. You would have to erase the hard drive, and then install the older OS. It is a fairly technical job, and you might run into problems with newer hardware and programs not working with the older OS.

If you have Windows 7 Professional, you can install a “Virtual PC” environment from Microsoft’s website. You would then be able to install and use the printer from the virtual XP mode. However, you would also have to run any program you wanted to print from in XP mode as well. If you don’t have the Professional version of Windows 7, you would need to upgrade, which is rather expensive as well.

Virtual XP mode is good if you have a program that only works with older versions of Windows. I have used it in the past on my computer to use a scanner that is not compatible with Windows 7. I used the Virtual XP mode to scan my photos and then was able to use them in Windows 7 with my regular programs.

Either of the options above could easily end up being just as expensive as replacing your printer, and both options would be more troublesome in the long run.

I hope this gives you some options to think about, and helps you make a decision.


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    • mauvehaze
    • May 20, 2011

    Hi, Is there a way of “Networking” your new PC to your old PC and print that way? I know others who have done the same, by networking their computers they were able to print from Vista via a XP computer and therefore keep their perfectly working printer. It should work for Windows 7. I know someone who is intending to network their Windows 7 and XP computers to use their HP printer, but haven’t done it yet. Cheers from OZ

    • phdragonlady
    • May 21, 2011

    I had the same problem when I purchased a new HP with Windows 7. You need to download a generic printer driver and your printer will work. Use the install update feature in Windows 7 and it should download a generic printer driver. The options available for you printer will be a little different but in general your printer will work the same. I’ve been using the generic driver for a Brother MFC-5440CN for over a month and it has been performing perfectly.

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