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Dear Computer Lady,

I have an HP lap top computer, Gateway NV35A AMD Phenom ii X2 n660 running
Windows 7.

It has a program called OneNote that comes on every time I want
to print something and wants me to send it to a “place”. I do not want this
but cannot find a way to delete it. I am not sure how I got it, either. I
cannot find it in my Programs to uninstall.

Would it be alright to uninstall and can you explain how I can do this?

Thanks, HB

Dear HB,

It sounds like OneNote is not really your problem, instead, your printer settings are the real problem.

Let’s start by looking at what OneNote really is, and then we can look at what is causing the problem with printing.

OneNote is a program that is part of some versions of Microsoft Office. It is a great program for saving and organizing information. You can use it for anything from taking notes in classes, to organizing your recipe collection, saving clippings from web pages, or even writing a book.

OneNote works great for me because I can store my notebooks in the cloud and access them from my desktop, laptop or even my iPad. Any changes that I make to a notebook from one device is automatically synced to the cloud, and the changes appear on my other devices.

When you install Microsoft Office and OneNote on your computer, part of the program is a feature called, Print To OneNote. This allows you to save information from any program that allows printing into a OneNote notebook.

The problem that you appear to be having is that “Print to OneNote” has been set as your default printer, and now that is the printer that comes up when you try to print.

To fix this problem, all you have to do is change your default printer back to your actual printer, and you will be all set.

Click on “Start”, then click on “Devices and Printers” to open your printers window.

Right click on your printer, and then in the context menu that appears, click on, “Set as Default Printer”.

A green check mark will appear on your printer, and you will be all set to print.

If you still want to uninstall OneNote, you can do so in the “Uninstall A Program” part of your Control Panel. It will be part of Microsoft Office, so you will have to click on “Microsoft Office” and then click, Uninstall. You will still have to choose your default printer as I explained above, but you will also no longer have OneNote on your computer.



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