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I have a 3 year old HP laptop with Intel I-7, a 2 year old desk top with Intel I-5 and a 2 year old HP Officejet 6700 all in one printer. Both computers are connected wirelessly to the printer and for 95% of the time, everything is fine. However, every 5 or 6 months, the printer goes offline all by itself and I am unable to print. In the past a friend was able to come over and resolve the issue within a matter of minutes and some computer strokes. Then I would be OK for 5 or 6 more months. Unfortunately, he never left me his procedure in writing. I have gone on HP’s web site, on You Tube, etc. with no success. The responses on You Tube seem to indicate this is somewhat common.

Can you help? Thank you in advance.

Dave S

Dear Dave,

This is a fairly common problem with some printers. I am usually able to fix it by re-installing the printer.

Just get out the disk that came with the printer and run the installation program again.

Sometimes, you need to remove the printer from the control panel first, but not always.

This might not be the exact method your friend used, but this is the easiest method to use.



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