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[ad]Dear Elizabeth,

I have been reading your emails for several years. Thank you for your help. This is my first email to you.

My bank makes a schedule D tax form available for me on which they filled out the required information of my my investments. The print of the form (original) is in black ink but the filled in part from the bank is in blue ink. When I print the form, only the black part shows up. In other works, I get only the original form without the blue input.

I called the bank and I spoke to 7 different technicians. They could not help me. My Adobe Reader is updated to XI 11.0.06. I have replaced my ink, we have installed Fox-it, nothing works. This happened last year and someone from the bank helped me successfully but I guess he isn’t there anymore. Can you help?


Dear Sigrid,

I can picture the type of form you are talking about, but I have never had a problem printing them (not that I have printed one recently).

I have one suggestion for you, don’t know if the bank technicians had you try this or not, but try printing in black and white or greyscale.

My HP printer has a section called, “Color Options” and the two options are “Color” and “Black & White”.

When you start the print sequence, in the print dialog box, select the preferences for your printer, then find the color options (the wording might be different depending on your printer) and print in black and white.

I hope this helps!



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    • corrisgirl43
    • May 31, 2014

    I’m using adobe acrobat pro current 9 and can no longer print forms directly from Acrobat. I have to copy to my desktop and print from there. Otherwise, when I select print I get a screen that does not allow me to print–it has no print button. Thanks.

    • Rhino
    • June 1, 2014

    Sigrid, I believe Elizabeth has hit this on the head. I have a mono laser and have never, ever had this issue. However at my last job, which had colour lasers, this did happen, although it was possible to see the blue “ink” but not really legible.

    For me, the only time I have run up against that is with my (New Zealand) tax forms. But seeing as I use my mono laser it isn’t an issue.

    And, if I were you I would uninstall Acrobat reader and stick with Foxit Reader. Loads up far quicker and has, or used to have, far more useful options than Adobe’s bloated software.

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