Using A Printer-Scanner in Windows 8

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question about scanning on windows 8.

Do you have to download the app like the help program said or can I just go to devices on the control panel.

A friend does that but when I tried , all I got were properties for the printer.

thanks for your help. Sue

Dear Sue,

You would need to install the software that is made for your specific printer/scanner.

If you have the CD that came with the printer, you can try installing that, but if the printer is older than Windows 8, it might not have a compatible program.

Your best course of action is to look up the printer on the manufacturer’s webiste and download the latest software for the printer there. The manufacturer should have software that is compatible with Windows 8 on their website.

Please make sure that you are actually on the manufacturer’s website when you download the software. There are many sites out there pretending to have software, when really what they are doing is distributing malware. So, for example if your printer is an HP printer, make sure you are at when downloading software.



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