Vista Scanner Drivers

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a new dell computer.  My epson printer and scanner is not conpatible with vista. Is there a way to find a new driver that will solve the problem?

Thank you, Liz

Dear Liz,

If Epson has drivers for your printer and scanner that work with Vista, they will be on the Epson website. You are fortunate that you have an Epson product, they are quite good about providing updated drivers for their high-end products on their website.

[ad#scanner1]Since I am not sure if you have an all-in-one printer/scanner/copy machine, or separate printer and scanner, I will give you some basic instructions for how to find any Epson drivers.

Your first step is to look on the front of your printer, scanner or all-in-one appliance and write down the model and model number. I have two Epson Scanners, one that is almost 8 years old, and a new one that I just purchased for scanning magazines in my sewing room. My Scanner model and number looks something like this:

Epson Perfection 2450 Photo for the old scanner, and Epson Perfection V300 Photo for the new one.

When you go to the Epson website at, you will first have to click on the country you are in, before you will see the main page.

On Epson’s front page, point to the menu item that says, “Drivers and Support” and a sub-list will drop down. Click on the type of item you have in the drop down list, either Printers, Scanners or All-In-Ones.

I have an Epson Scanner , so I will click on Scanners.

Next, I need to select the type of scanner, since mine is an Epson Perfection scanner, I will click on the link that says, “Epson Perfection Series”.

The Epson webpage will now display a list with each model in the series, and you just need to click on your model. I clicked on my Epson Perfection 2450 photo model since it is the oldest and didn’t come with Vista drivers.

The Epson website will now display four options for your scanner;

  • Drivers and downlaods
  • Top FAQs For This Product
  • Documents and Manuals
  • Contact Support

We want to click on “Drivers and Downloads”.

The next web page shows you a list of available drivers for different operating systems. Even though my old scanner is almost 8 years old, there is a driver listed for Windows Vista 32-bit edition.

Epson Drivers1

Click the link above your Windows version, and the description will be expanded like in the picture below:

Epson Driver 2

Click on the Download Now link to download the driver for your device. Save the driver to a folder on your hard drive, either on your desktop, in your “Documents” folder, or “Downloads” folder.

Once the file has finished downloading, double click on it to install the driver program.



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