32-bit Program Not Working

Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve been on your list for a long time now and have enjoyed all the information you’ve given.

I have a question I haven’t seen addressed.

My hobby is machine embroidery, which is heavily computerized and high tech. I bought Embird 2010 and Iconizer and loved it because it showed all my designs as they looked stitched out. It also showed my jpg files – all my photos, etc. But when I had to get a new computer recently, I went ahead and got Windows 7, 64-bit and my Iconizer doesn’t work.

I wrote to the people who wrote the software, but they don’t yet have a version for Windows 7 64 bit. So I bought another program, SewIconz64. Well, it doesn’t work. I changed the compatability to Vista (Win7 was not an option), but that didn’t help, either. I could sure use your help.

Thanks, Kathy in Columbia, SC


Dear Kathy,

Do you know what version of Windows 7 you have?

If you have Windows 7 professional, I do have a solution for you, in fact, I tried it out with my Embird program and the Iconizer works great!

Windows 7 professional has a program called Windows Virtual Machine which allows you to install a virtual XP mode.

Basically, you will have a window on your computer which is a small Windows XP desktop.

First, you need to figure out what verson of Windows 7 you are running. Here is how:

1. Click the start button on your taskbar, and right click on “Computer”.

2. In the context menu that appears, click “Properties” to view basic information about your computer.

3. In your System window, the top section tells you what version of Windows 7 You have.

If you only have Windows 7 Home Premium, you can quickly upgrade to Professional in this window, just click the link below the lines that tell you what version you have and you can purchase an upgrade directly from Microsoft.

Once you have Windows 7 Professional, you can go to Microsoft’s website at:


and follow the directions for downloading and installing the Virtual XP files.


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    • ron007
    • August 8, 2010

    Another possibility is to check the Win7 “install disks” she got with the PC, if she got them. AFIK, Win7 disks include both 32 and 64-bit versions. So she might be able to install 32-bit Win7.

    Of course, the app may still not work under Win7. The question doesn’t say whether there is a 32-bit win7 version of the app.

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