A Simple, Free Word Processing Program

Dear Elizabeth.

I would like to download a simple word processor to my wife’s Toshiba tablet.
She has Windows Vista as her operating system.

Is there a program available free or should I buy one? What do you suggest?
God bless. Bernard

Dear Bernard,

If you only need a simple word processor, and you are using Vista or any version of Windows, why not use the WordPad program that comes with Windows?

You can find WordPad in a couple of different ways.

1. Click on “Start” then go to “All Programs.

2. Click on “Accessories” and then click on the “WordPad” icon.

Another way to find WordPad in any version of Windows is to tap the windows logo key on your keyboard, then type, “WordPad”.

WordPad is a basic word processing program that doesn’t have all the features of Word, but is more than enough for most people.



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