Advanced Vista Optimizer

I recently had the chance to use a new program called Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009.

I was so impressed, I bought the program!


Advanced Vista Optimizer supports Windows XP and VISTA (both 32 bit and 64 bit).

Cost: $34.95

 Buy Advanced Vista Optimizer

I am not usually a big fan of programs that promise to make your computer faster, most of those promises are nothing more than hype, so it was refreshing to install a program that not only made my computer run faster and with fewer problems, but also had a host of features that were very useful and very easy to use.

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Why do you need Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009?

According to recent surveys more than 90% of VISTA PCs become slower within one month of regular use!One month! And after that, performance continues to degrade, month after month, until you’re left with a barely-usable system that’s so frustrating to use that you can hardly bear to turn it on.            

That’s why Systweak developed Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009, the fastest and easiest way Iknow of to restore your Vista-based PC to like-new performance!


You don’t have to be a techno-geek to use Advanced Vista Optimizer 2009. All you have to do is download it and you have immediate access to over 40 tools designed to fine-tune and optimize Vista’s settings to match your PC and the software you depend on for work and play. It’s nearly automatic!


Single Click Care – This module of Advanced Vista Optimizer is designed for all users to make the most out of their Windows Vista PC without any effort. It includes important tools to optimize system, startup programs, protect your privacy, clean junk files, optimize memory and tuneup your computer for reasonable security.
Some of the tools included in single click care are:
  • Managing Start-up Programs – This part of Single Click Care in Advanced Vista Optimizer helps you optimize the auto start programs in the your Windows Vista Computer.
  • Privacy Protector – Cleans the system for Privacy Protection like Internet history or other activities on the computer like the recently accessed programs.
  • Junk File Cleaner – Scan your system for unused junk files and present you the list for cleaning. Removing junk files can greatly improve your system’s response time.
  • Memory Optimizer – Frees up unused Memory and optimizes Memory utilization so that you don’t have to buy new hardware everytime!
  • Tune-Up for Reasonable Security – Provides you with reasonable settings for securing your operating system and computer data.


Optimizers – Advanced Vista Optimizer includes various tools to optimize your Windows Vista computer. AVO offers the following tools to you to optimize your Vista PC.
  • Performance Tweaks for Windows Vista – This section of Advanced Vista Optimizer has five subsections, where you can perform overall Windows Vista Optimization for better speed and faster response.
  • Hardware Tweaks – Offers you settings for your Hard Drive, CD/DVD, Mouse, Keyboard and USB drives.
  • Memory Optimizer – Helps your Windows Vista PC by managing Memory of the system and freeing up RAM as and when it becomes available.
  • Startup Manager – Provides you a list of the software which start automatically with your Windows Vista and also gives a brief description. You can choose which programs to allow and which programs to remove from this list.


Download your free trial today! Click Here


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