Background Magic Review

tclbgmreviewBackground Magic review

I have been staying up way too late the past few nights playing with a new software program. I have to drag myself away from the computer, because this program is so much fun to play with.

By now, you are probably thinking that it is new game, but it’s not. The program that has been so addictive is actually a cool little graphics program called, Background Magic.

Background Magic allows you to quickly and easily create seamless background tiles for your web pages, or windows desktop. It comes with 200 tiles already loaded in the program, but you can import any image you want, and believe me, you will be creating hundreds more images.

tclbgmreview2Starting with the tiles you already have, you can load any two images in the program and create a tile that is a combination of the two. When you find a good combination (and I haven’t found a bad one yet) you can use the included tools to adjust the colors, and add special effects.

This is the part that keeps me creating more and more. I load a tile or two (if you want to play with just one tile, load it into both spots) adjust the sliders until I think it is perfect, then adjust a little more and make it even better. There is just no end to the variations you can create.

Once you have a tile that you love, you can use the two other parts of the program to create a left border wallpaper image, and buttons that match your tile.

tclbgmreview3I am creating quite a collection… I will have to post them on my website in the near future.

In the meantime, you can start creating your own tiles with the free trial of Background Magic! Simply use my affiliate link here:
Click Here to Download Background Magic (I appreciate your support)

or if you prefer not to use my link, go to:

The free trial is fully functional except for the ability to save all your beautiful tiles.


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