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Dear Computer Lady,

Is it possible to buy a computer that is loaded with MS Office instead of taking home MS Works and having to buy MS Office and remove Works and load Office.

Thanks, Sharon

PS: (I now have Office 2007, trying to get the nerve to remove the Works and load Office!  ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh wish I had known before I bought this laptop!)



Dear Sharon,

It is possible to purchase a new computer with MS Office already loaded on it. I recently purchased a laptop from HP with office loaded on it.

There are some advantages to purchasing Office with your computer, and some disadvantages.

The first advantage is that you don’t have to install Office yourself. It will come already loaded on your computer, and you should also get a CD (or DVD) in case you need to install it again.

Another advantage to purchasing Office with your computer is that it will usually cost less than purchasing it in a store. I just checked today, and the price of Office 2007 bundled with a new HP computer is about the same as purchasing the same version of Office 2007 at Back when I bought my laptop with Office included, it was about $50 less expensive.

One of the disadvantages of buying Office 2007 bundled with your new computer is that it will usually only work with that computer. When you purchase the program in the store, you will be able to install it on any computer that you own (only one at a time of course). This is a real advantage because If you purchase a home and student version of Office, it will say right on the box that you can install it on up to three computers in your household.

 Imagine for a moment that you purchase a new computer, and for some reason it crashes or becomes damaged in a couple of years, If you replace the computer, your Office CD that came with the first computer will probably not run on the new one. I have tried this in the past, and the Office CD that came with my HP laptop would not work when I tried to install it on a desktop computer.

Another difficulty you might find is actually finding a computer with Office pre-loaded. I bought mine online at HP’s website, but most retail stores don’t carry computers with office pre-loaded. Many of them have a 60 day trial of office (and some less than honest sales people will tell you the computer comes with Office when in reality it is only a 60 day trial) but none come with a licensed version of the program. You might be able to purchase both the computer, and Office in a retail store and have them install it for you. Some places will do this for a fee, others might do it as a free service.

By the way, you don’t really have to remove Works before you install Office. Both programs will work together fine on the same computer, and if someone sends you a document that they created in Works, you will be able to open it.




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