Can I Copy Quicken?

Dear Computer Lady,

I used a thumb drive to transfer a Quicken program from a desktop computer to a small laptop that does not have a disk drive.

On the laptop, when I click on the *.exe file, I get a logo, which quickly disappears but cannot open the program.

Can you suggest how to open the program. I do not own an external disk drive.

Thanks for all your help over the years.


Dear Barbara,

A couple of things came to my mind as I read your question.

First, did you copy the files from your desktop computer where Quicken was installed? If so, the problem is that you can’t just copy a program on one computer and have it work on another computer like you could back in the days of DOS. It needs to be installed from the instalation disk.

In this case, you could put your Quicken disk in the desktop comptuer and copy the entire contents of the disk to your thumb drive, then move the thumb drive to your laptop and run the install from the thumb drive.

If you have already tried this, then it might be that your Quicken disk has some safeguards built in that won’t allow you to install the program unless you are using the disk. (to prevent piracy). In that case, you would have to either purchase or borrow an external optical drive.



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