Can I Transfer Bible Program From Old To New Computer?

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi, am using windows 7 & have a Bible program on my Xp that I would like to move to the 7.

Is there an easy way to move programs from one computer to another?

I don’t want to have to purchase the program all over again.

Thanks so much, have appreciated you for years.



Dear Patricia,

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move a program from one computer to another. In fact, there really isn’t any way at all.

While you can move data files from one computer to another, programs work differently.

When you install a program on your computer, it creates a folder where it installs most of its files. However, it also installs some of the files that it needs to run in the some of the Windows folders.

Those Windows folders contain thousands of files, and there is really no way to know which file goes with what program.

In addition, when you install a program, it makes changes to the Windows Registry. Those changes are also needed for the program to run. Unfortunately, you could search through the registry all day and still not find all the entries that go with one particular program.

So, what are your choices with your Bible program?

1. If it came on a disk, just use the disk to install it on your new computer.

2. If you downloaded it and saved the original file, just copy that file to the new computer, and double click on it to run the installation program again on the new computer.

(Note: When I purchase a program online, I save the downloaded file, and a copy of the license information in a folder together. That way, if I need to install it again, everything I need is right there in one place)

3. If you purchased the program online, try contacting the company. Some companies are good at re-sending download and license information to customers who have already purcahsed a program.

If none of those options will work for you, you can always try esword at: which is a free bible program.


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