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I just wanted to thank you WHOLEHEARTEDLY for a recent article of yours that has helped me with almost a year-long search for a program that could and would convert my Adobe Pagemaker files into readable Word Processing files.

You recently came up with LibreOffice that not only does that, but it’s FREE! Boy-oh-boy, did you ever make my day when I opened that email of yours yesterday! You are an angel for us computer users, I do thank you profusely. This LibreOffice is an above-excellent word processor, it puts Microsoft to shame. Adobe, too.

Keep sending those emails of yours, I read every one, Virginia

Dear Virginia,

Thank you so much for your kind words, I am including your message this week so that your discovery might help someone else.

I did not have any experience with LibreOffice opening Pagemaker files, so this is good information to know and share.

Thanks again, Elizabeth


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