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[ad#acronisti]Dear Computer Lady,

Hi,  Love your newsletter and always learn better ways to be a “happy user”. 

My question concerns pdf files and how to create them to send via e mail. 

I use Outlook Express.

Thank you, Pat in Mobile, AL.

Dear Pat,

PDF files (PDF stands for Portable Document Format) are usually created in a program called, Adobe Acrobat. The reason so many people like to create PDF files is because Adobe gives away a free program to read PDF files called Adobe Acrobat Reader, and almost everyone had the Reader program installed on their computer.

While Adobe gives away the Acrobat Reader program, it makes money selling the program used to create PDF files (over $400). For many businesses, that is an affordable program, but for the rest of us, there are some less expensive options.

Many people use a “Print to PDF” type of program, there are several free ones available online. Once you have installed this type of program, you would create your document in any program that you want to on your computer. To save it as a PDF file, you would click on “Print” and then select the Print to PDF program as your printer.

I create many PDF files using a desktop publishing program called, “Page Plus”. It is a desktop publishing program made for creating things like posters, flyers, and different types of cards. Once I have created my document in PagePlus, I just click on “File” in the menu bar, then click on “Publish as PDF”.

Once you have created your PDF file, you can attach it to any email message, just like you would attach any other file. I don’t have Outlook Express on my computer, but I do have directions that would be similar at:


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    • jgpohlman
    • April 9, 2011

    I recently came across a productivity suite called LibreOffice. It is an off-shoot of OpenOffice and one of the features is the ability to create .PDF files. I have not used it for this so I can not speak to the ease or difficulty of use.

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