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Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve enjoyed your emails for years (first saw you in MIAH WHEN I LIVED IN ME)

Is there any free program that you can use for word processing?

I used to have office but have a new all in one HP PC that has nothing but a trial. I use it seldom so I hate to spend a fortune for a program.

Thank you! Judi

Dear Judi,

There are several free, open source office programs available, but my favorite (because it opens the most types of files) is LibreOffice at

Not only will it open and edit your Word files, but it will also open most Microsoft Works documents as well.



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    • ron007
    • October 4, 2016

    LibreOffice is a good alternative to MS Office. Actually, it can often open files that Word can’t due to XML errors!

    But even simpler is Wordpad. If all you are looking for is basic word processing, you can use WordPad which is shipped with Windows. It can handle DOCX and RTF format files. It is on par with with Word Online.

    If you have a hotmail or email account then you also have access to the free Office Online (cr)applets that you can get through your free OneDrive. The online applications can read files created with full versions of the Office applications but does not have all of the features of paid for Office.

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