Free Word Program?

Dear Computer Lady,

I just purchased a new computer  Microsoft 7. How can I get a free download program that is similar to Microsoft word ?

Thank You,  Alvin


Dear Alvin,

I’m guessing that your new computer has Windows 7 for the operating system. It probably also came with a free trial of Microsoft Word 2010. Unfortunately, Microsoft Office programs are expensive and not always affordable to the average home user.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will allow you to read and even create Word documents, and it is free, OpenOffice. You might need a little bit of technical knowledge to get it installed on your computer, but once that is done, it works great.

You can find OpenOffice online at

When you go to the website, just click on the link that says, “I want to download”, then click on the words, “Download Now”.

Your computer will start downloading the file, and when it has finished, you will be able to run the file to install OpenOffice.

If you are not comfortable downloading and installing the file, your local computer shop would be able to do this for you. This is something that I do in my computer shop, and it still costs a lot less than purchasing Microsoft Office.


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