How Can I Get My Original Version of Office Back?

Dear Computer Lady,

I look forward to getting your newsletter every week because you make computer so simple and understandable. I also have a question.

I upgraded my computer from Windows 7 to 10 by using Microsoft’s free offer. I also updated this Window 10 a few times as the updates became available.

Before the upgrade, I had MS office 2013 (I believe) but now because of some update, I have MS Office Professional Plus 10 but when I try to use it, it says that the program is not activated. Well, I never asked for this program and don’t want to pay for a new one as the old program was serving me well.

How can I go back to the original MS office program? I don’t know as to which update created this problem but a problem it is. I hope you have the solution.

Thanks, Prem

Dear Prem,

I have a couple of things you can try.

First, simply go to the control panel and uninstall Office Professional Plus 10. Restart your computer after you uninstall it.

If you still have office 2013 installed on your computer, removing the newer version will cause your computer to default back to the older program.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, you will probably need to get out your disk for Office 2013 and re-install it. That should fix your problem. Be sure to remove the newer version and restart before installing the older version, otherwise it won’t work.



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