How To Email Creatacard Files

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Could you please tell me how to convert a biz file from my old Creatacard gold 8 to a file my friends can open
in their mail ?

Thanks you, you are so helpful! Carol

Dear Carol,

There are only a couple of ways your friends will be able to open your card document when you email it to them.

1. If they have the same card program on their computer, you can send the file as an email attachment and they can open it in their card program. You would need to save the file with all the images in the file, otherwise, they would not be able to see the images.

2. If they don’t have the same card program on their computer, you need to export the card to some sort of universal format that can be read by any computer. The first thing that comes to mind is the PDF format. See if your card program has an, “Export to PDF” function built in. If not, you can get a “Print to PDF” program (be careful not to download and install malware when you download a program) and use the print menu in your card program. Instead of printing to your printer, you would print to the PDF program and it would prompt you to save it as a PDF file that you could then send as an attachment to your friends.



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