How To Install Advanced Vista Optimizer

Last week, I reviewed a new program called Advanced Vista Optimizer.

This week, I have step by step directions for installing the program. It is really quite simple, but this tutorial will make your task even easier. Let’s get started…

You can find the installation file for AVO in two places. You can click on the link below to download a trial version before purchasing, or if you purchase the program, you will be taken to a page with the download link as soon as the purchase is finished.

If you want to download the free trial, Click Here

When you download the file, save it in a location that is easy to find such as your desktop.

Once your download has finished, find the file and double click on it to begin the installation. You will probably need to click  “Run”  and then click “Continue” to get started.

AVO Install1

A Setup Window will appear. Click “Next”


AVO install 2

Read and click “I accept the agreement”, then click Next.


AVO install 3 

Click to check off “Create a desktop icon” and/or “Create a Quick Launch icon” if you want either of those, then click “Next”.


AVO install 4

Ready to Install window appears, Click the “Install” button, and wait while the program installs. This could take a few minutes.

AVO install 5

When the install is finished, it will display a window to inform you that it has finished installing the program. If you want to start using Advanced Vista Optimizer right away, leave the check mark in place, and click the “Finish” button. 


That was easy! 


Now, on to the really fun part, using the program.


The first time you open Advanced Vista Optimizer, it will automatically run a scan of your system and display any problems it found. When I first ran the program, it found 6 things that it could optimize to make my system run faster, 716 junk files, it offered to optimize my memory and there was 1 item that needed a tuneup. One simple click on the “Optimize” button started the program fixing and optimizing.


Notice that for each section, there is a link that says, “Show Details”. Click on each details link to see a list of problems that AVO has detected. For example


If you don’t want to let the program fix everything automatically, just click the “Cancel” button and you will be able to access other options.


Advanced Vista Optimizer will automatically check for updates and inform you when they are availiable. Just click “Yes” and the program will download and install the updates for you.


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