How To Install CDs on My Netbook

Dear Computer Lady,

Ah, after all these years, I finally have a question.

I have a little gateway notebook.

Can the CD’s ( I have a Printmaster and a couple of others) be downloaded onto a flash drive and then used with the notebook?

Thanks so much, Rachel

Dear Rachel,

I am guessing that your little notebook does not have a CD drive and that is why you want to put your programs on a flash drive.

There are a couple of ways you can install your CDs on your netbook.

First, you can purchase a USB DVD drive at your local office supply store, or even online at Amazon.

When you want to install a program from a CD or DVD, just plug in the external drive and your computer will recognize it and you will be able to run your CDs.

Second, you can usually copy the entire contents of your install disks to a flash drive and install the program that way. There are a few programs that don’t work with this method, but I have had great success doing it this way.

Just insert the flash drive in your notebook, open the flash drive folder and look for a file named either setup or install and double click on that.

Hope this helps.



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