How To Move Lines of Text

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a question.

How do I move a line or sentence in a document I create up or down? For instance, If I placed a large space between a line and I want to move the line up, how do I do this, or move it down.

thanks for your help, Joe

Dear Joe,

The placement of a line of text in your document is created by elements that are not visible, but they work just like the visible elements in your document.

For example, if you wanted to remove a word in your document, you might click at the end of the word to insert your insertion point, then press the backspace key to remove each letter in the word. The remaining text will automatically move into the space created by removing the word.

In the same way, when you want to remove a large space, click to insert your insertion point at the end of the space, then press the backspace key to remove the invisible characters. The line after the space will automatically move up as you remove the space.

When you want to move a line in your document down, you would simply click at the beginning of the line to place your insertion point, then press the enter key on your keyboard to move the text down one line. Keep pressing the enter key until you have moved it down to the place you want it to be.



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