How to Remove AVG Logs

Dear Computer Lady,

I have just recently downloaded and installed the AVG free version of virus protection. My question for you is this. I have not been able to figure out how to delete the “log” of when the Virus protection runs its scan. I am getting quite a list. How do I delete these logs?

I have written for Tech info but they tell me because it is a “free” program they can not or will not help me. I have to BUY a program in order to get tech support.

Thanks Computer Lady for all the hints that you have given your readers.



Dear Eloise,

The people at Grisoft make a great antivirus program. I frequently use AVG to remove viruses that other (not free) antivirus programs failed to catch. I have purchased their professional version just to support the company.

Here is how you remove the logs.

In the main AVG window click “Service” in the menu bar and then click “Program Settings”.

Under “Program Settings” window, there is a place that says: “Delete Test results after” and you can set it to save only the last few tests, or only save then for a certain number of days.

Set the settings to your preference, and click “OK” at the bottom of the window.


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