How To Safely Uninstall Programs

Dear Computer Lady,

How can I safely and cleanly uninstall a program that is on a drive other than my C: drive?

I have Avery Design Pro on my D: drive and ITunes on my G: drive and I want to remove them.

Neither of these show up when I go to Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.



Dear Amy,

Usually, when you install a program, even if you are installing it on a drive other than your C: drive, it still is included in the “Add/Remove Programs” list. That is always the first place you should look. I recently Installed Avery DesignPro 5 and found it in my list as “DesignPro”.

Since you have already looked in the Add/Remove Programs list, the second place to look is your start menu. Many programs put an uninstall shortcut in the start menu. Click on “Start”, then “All Programs” and find the folder for your program.

My Avery Dennison listing in the Start Menu did not have an uninstall link, but many other programs like WorkRave, Virtual Drive, and my Big Fish Games do have uninstall links in the start menu.

If you have looked in both these places and still have no way to uninstall a program, you will need to find an external program that can find all the files and registry entries associated with the program and remove them.

One such program is One Click Add N Remove. This program not only removes a program, but also repairs broken registry entries that are left behind by programs that have been removed.

Click on the link below if you want to download a free trial of One Click.

Download One Click here


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