Installing Office Without a CD Drive

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

My new Sony Vaio Pro 13A does not have a cd slot, yet the only version of Microsoft office 2013 is in a cd form.

Is it legit to transfer the contents to a usb??

I am afraid to open the $170 package and find I must activate the cd to find the product key.

Is there a way around this?


Dear Bianca,

Yes, you can copy the contents of the Office disk to USB in order to install it on your computer. You might even find directions inside the package for downloading your version of Office from Microsoft.

Many versions of Office these days are not even provided on a disk, instead, the user must have or create an account with Microsoft, download the installation files from their website and get a product key after filling out an online form.

I hope you enjoy your new version of Office. If it includes OneNote, check it out. OneNote is my favorite part of Office!



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