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Dear Computer Lady,

First, like most people that write to you, I’d like to thank you for so much useful information that you have shared through the years.

My question is… I have always printed address labels for various mailings. The way I did that, was by using Microsoft Works… but that software wasn’t included in my newest laptop, and I hate to spend the money to buy a program like Works, only to print labels.

So… do you know of any FREE software that will print the normal (Avery) address labels ??

Thanks, Kenny

Dear Kenny,

Actually, Avery has free software available on their website. They used to have a program called, Avery Label Pro, which i have used and talked about before. Now they have a different program called, Avery Design & Print.

You can find the software at under the “Templates” tab.

They have an online version that you can use, or you can download the software and use it on your computer even if you are not connected to the Internet.

I tried out the online version. It created a PDF file that I could then save to my computer and print as often as I want. I printed the page and it lined up with my labels perfectly.


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    • Micky
    • December 20, 2016

    You’re so right, Elizabeth (as always!). I’ve used the free Avery templates for years and they’re wonderful. I set up a doc. file with various templates (address labels, shipping labels, etc.) and have some already prefilled with names and addresses for quick printing as needed (business and personal, holiday, etc.). Avery also offers templates for creative purposes which I also find quite useful for hand-crafted gifts.

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