Moving From Excel To OpenOffice

Dear Computer Lady,

Really cant say how much I have learned and gained confidence from you, especially since computers were unheard of when I grew up.

I use spreadsheets in my work here at home. I have some on open office & excel; thinking I would like to use only 1 program and free is even better.

Can I move everything to the one you recommend without loosing my work? How, in detail, would I do that? I use Windows 10 ( buying Excel every year) on 1 computer and Windows 7 Home Premium (Excel 2010) on the second.

Thank you, Rhonda

Dear Rhonda,

Yes, you can switch to using only Open Office (or Libre Office) for your spreadsheets, and it is even easier than you might think.

Since OpenOffice can open excel spreadsheets, you don’t have to do any type of moving or converting. Just open the spreadsheet program in Open Office first, then use the, “File” and “Open” menu to open your excel spreadsheets that way.

If you only use these spreadsheets on your own computer and don’t have any need to send them to others, then when you save your changes, you can convert it to the native Open Office spreadsheet format.

If you need to send these spreadsheets to others, I would suggest saving them in excel format, .xls so that others will be able to open and read them in whatever program they are using.



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