Need A Print Shop Program

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I am needing a print shop program, not much but just little projects.

Any suggestions of economical one or a free one?

Thanks, Steve

Dear Steve,

There are several desktop publishing programs that come to mind, and two are even free.

First, is a free version of the desktop publishing program that I use all the time, Page Plus. You can get PagePlus Starter edition at:

If the starter edition doesn’t meet your needs, then the full version of PagePlus certainly will. It is not free, but it is much less expensive than the Microsoft and Adobe programs. It is available at:

I have not personally used Draw, which is part of the free, open source office suite, LibreOffice but it also looks like a pretty good choice. You will need to download and install the entire LibreOffice suite at:

A classic desktop publishing program is PrintMaster by Broderbund. While most people think of PrintMaster as a card making program, you can also create posters and banners with it as well. You can find PrintMaster in most stores that sell software, and online at:



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