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Dear Computer Lady,

I have a new HP computer (HP2010i) which uses Windows 7.

My previous HP laptop had Power Point and I could view e-mails with beautiful pictures. This computer does not have PP. I have been told that the only way I can access Power Point is by purchasing Microsoft Office.

I have explored a bit and found a program called Little PPT. Will that program allow me to view Power Point e-mails? Is it a free program? Can you suggest anything else, as I don’t have $150 to spend on Office.

Thank you for your clear and concise answers to computer problems. You are a jewel.



Dear Joyce,

I am not familiar with the program you have found, so I really can’t tell you anything about it.

I can, however give you two free solutions to your problem.

Microsoft has a free program available on their website called Powerpoint Viewer.

You can download it from their website.

PowerPoint Viewer will allow you to open and view PowerPoint presentations. It will not allow you to create or edit presentations.

Your other option is Impress. Impress is part of the free, OpenOffice suite which also includes a word processing program, spreadsheet program, graphics program and database program. Impress will open PowerPoint presentations, and allow you to edit them or create your own presentations.

You can download OpenOffice free of charge at


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    • Daisyray
    • December 19, 2010

    I had the same situation with a new PC and Office 7 – which I do not like at all – it is too fussy. I downloaded OpenOffice and I am very happy with it – it does everything Word 2000 (my original programme) did.



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