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Dear Computer Lady,

I am currently using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 as my address book. In the former version (2002 I think) I could categorize groups and show them but then I could show all the contacts if I wanted. Since I imported the old list into the new software I am unable to do this.

So . . . if I put a group in a category (holiday cards 2008) they don’t show up under ‘all’. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and the ‘color coding’ is making me crazy. Is there an easy way to sort into groups without losing the ‘entire’ list?



Dear Cathy,

I also Use Outlook 2007 and I have over 500 entries in my address book (I really need to clean it out)

You must be using category view to look at your contacts. If you change it to “Outlook Data Files” you will be able to see all your contacts at once.

In Outlook, click on “View” in the menu bar.

Point to “Current View” to display the sub-menu.

Click on “Outlook Data Files” to display all your contacts.

You can always change it back to, “By Category” whenever you want.


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    • moraira
    • October 24, 2009

    That’s on outlook 2007. I have 2002. A group of my contacts all labelled exm have detached themselves from ‘Outlook shortcuts’ contacts and become a separate file under ‘My shortcuts’. How do I merge them back into the main ‘Outlook shortcuts’.
    Thanks for what you do.

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