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Dear Computer Lady,

I recently downloaded Adobe PDF Reader since the Foxit Reader on my computer would not open a document such as my tax information.

Adobe did open the document but when I shut my computer off and attempted to restart it, Windows would not open. I did open it in Safe Mode and ran Scans of malware and AVG. It still would not open. Then I used system Recovery and it uninstalled Adobe Reader. My computer now works. However some documents will Not open with the Foxit Reader.

Is there another PDF reader that will open documents that Adobe alone will open?


Dear Geneva,

I was not familiar with Foxit Reader, so I did a little research. According to Wikipedia, Foxit reader is a pretty good program, however, it does sometimes install the malware program, conduit.

After reading your description above, I wonder if you either downloaded a corrupt version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, or you installed it from a website pretending to be Adobe and actually downloaded a version filled with malware.

Either way, you will find a list of legitimate PDF readers, and a way to download them without installing any unwanted malware in the process at www.ninite.com. Just check off your desired PDF readers in the “Documents” section, then click the big green, “Get Installer” button. Ninite will download and install the programs you have selected without installing any malware, toolbars or any other unwanted items.



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