Printing Labels and Envelopes

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have windows 8 and am looking for something to do a contact list that I can print labels, envelopes, phone numbers etc from.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Helen

Dear Helen,

It sounds like you need either an office suite, or a good desktop publishing program.

If you have Microsoft Office, you can create a contact list in Excel. Each column across would be a field like, LastName, FirstName, Address, City, State, ZipCode and so forth. Then, you make each row across a single person.
Once you have this contact list created, you can use Word to print labels, envelopes or whatever you need by doing a Mail Merge. This is not the most simple solution, but it is the most powerful.

A desktop publishing program would probably be a little easier, but the method varies from one program to the next so I couldn’t give you directions. Some desktop publishing programs would be Microsoft Office Publisher, or Serif PagePlus.

I am not sure if the free, open source LibreOffice has the capability to do a mail merge, if it does, I would love to hear from someone who has been successful with it.



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