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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been using WordPerfect 8 for as long as I have had a computer, but fear that when I change to Windows 10 or above, it won’t work for me any more.

The main reason I use it is because I write in a personal journal, and it has a template. Is there another program out there that has such a template that would work with another such program?

I haven’t found one, but perhaps I haven’t known where to look.

Thank you for your assistance, Marilyn

Dear Marilyn,

Actually, you can create your own template that will work in just about any word processing program including the free, LibreOffice.

I don’t know what your template looks like, or how you use it, but if you can re-create that document in another program, you can then save it as a template to use in the program.

A great program for keeping a journal would be Microsoft OneNote. You can set up a journal notebook with sections and pages like a physical notebook, and have a template for additional pages that you create.

If I knew more about how your journal template worked, I could give you more specific answers, but hopefully, this will get you started.



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