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Dear Computer Lady,

Hello. I’ve used Quicken for about 12 years, but have become disenchanted with them.

Can you recommend a free program similar to Quicken? I would like to be able to enter individual entries manually for my accounts, then save, update and reconcile my bank accounts and my credit card statements offline. I never used Quicken’s feature to connect it to my accounts for automatic download, and have no real desire to do so now.

I’ve read your newsletter for several years, and enjoyed the information you have shared. I’m hoping you will be able to help on this question.

Thank you for your consideration, Bonnie

Dear Bonnie,

There are actually a few personal finance programs available online. I don’t use any of them, so I can’t tell you if they will fit your exact needs, but hopefully this list will get you started.

HomeBank at: http://homebank.free.fr/index.php
Homebank will allow you to import your data from Quicken or Microsoft Money, has lots of features and tools, and is totally free.

GnuCash at: http://www.gnucash.org/
GnuCash is both personal and small business financial and accounting software. It allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses.

KMyMoney at: https://kmymoney.org/
KMyMOney strives to be the easiest personal finance manager to use, especially for the non-technical user.

Economizzer at: http://www.economizzer.org/
Economizzer is an easy and secure system for you to manage your money and achieve your goals, and can be accessed by computer, tablet or smartphone.

I hope this helps you find a good replacement for your Quicken program.



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    • sparkle30906
    • July 4, 2017

    I have been using a program for a couple of years that does what Bonnie is asking for. It’s called Ace Money Lite & can be found here: http://www.mechcad.net/products/acemoney/free-personal-finance-software-quicken-alternative.shtml

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