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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I really enjoy reading the answers to questions and have learned a lot. I am an older person(72) and sometimes have problems with new tech.

We have windows 7 and I use ‘My money’ and probably can not be transferred because it is no longer available.

My question? What is a compatible program? I tried quicken and it was much more than I wanted and not (for me) user friendly.

Thanks, Gayle

Dear Gayle,

It is hard when a software company stops supporting a product, and this is not the first time Microsoft has done this to us. I personally use Quickbooks because I run a small business. I know that is not what you are looking for, so I looked around, read some reviews and found a couple of programs for you to check out.

The first is Moneydance at:
If you visit their website, click on the, “Help” link, then click on, “Moneydance Documentation” you will find some pretty good directions for how it works, and how to use it. There are even directions for moving your data from MS Money to Moneydance.

The second is AceMoney at MechCAD software: They have a free version that is limited to 2 accounts, and a full version that supports multiple accounts.

I have not personally used either of these programs, but they look good, have been reviewed by reputable companies, and appear to have many loyal users who have switched over from Quicken and MS Money.



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