Saving Recipes

Dear Computer Lady,

I have about 100 recipes saved at 6-7 different sites (GH, BHG, Eat Better America, etc) on my computer.

Is there a way to take the recipes from these various sites and put them all in one place, whether on my desktop or on my jump drive?

Is Treepad something I should look into?

Thank you, Marilyn


Dear Marilyn,

Treepad is an excellent program for organizing and storing information on your computer.

I have treepad files with all my newsletters stored in them, and other files with information that I have collected from websites, training materials, class outlines, and I do have a recipe file in Treepad as well.

TreePad is fully portable. You can run it directly from a USB stick without installing anything. Just copy the TreePad program files (from your harddisk or the zip download package) to a USB stick and plug it into another computer. That’s all! The only thing I wish I could do with Treepad is run it on my iPad (and sync it with my desktop)

You can learn more about Treepad at and if you decide to purchase it, please come back and click on the image above. It will help support this website.


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