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A few weeks ago, Spector software sent me a copy of their premium program, Spector Pro to review.

Spector Pro is the world’s best selling software for monitoring and recording every detail of PC and internet activity. You can use Spector Pro on your home computer, or in the office.

I decided to give Spector Pro a try on my 17 year old son’s computer. I installed the software on his computer while he was at school. 

Spector was easy to install and in just a few minutes it was up and working. There were two modes of operation to chose from, stealth and normal. I chose stealth, and the program reminded me that I should inform anyone using the computer that it was being monitored. Spector Pro contains seven tools that record: chats, instant messages, emails sent and received, web sites visited, keystrokes typed, programs launched, peer to peer file searching and swapping and, Spector Pro provides the equivalent of a digital surveillance tape so that I can play back the exact sequence of everything my son is doing on the computer. It was very easy to turn on the tools I wanted to use, and turn off the others. All the recordings are hidden on the hard drive and can only be retrieved using a special key combination and password. You can set your own key combination, and of course the password.

When my son came home from school, I told him I had installed a new monitoring program on his computer and challenged him to find it. I did not, however, tell him the name of the program. A week later, he still did not know even the name of the program that was on his computer, even though he had spent quite a bit of time searching his hard drive for evidence of the program.

In order to see the recordings that Spector Pro has made, you have to log into the program on the computer that it is installed on. There is also an advanced warning system which will send you an e-mail when it detects any words that you have specified. Once you give the program words to watch out for, Spector Pro will be “on alert”, emailing you an immediate and detailed report of when, where and how a keyword was used – every time it is typed or appears on the PC, on a website or in an email.

If you have children who use the computer, this program is the best tool available to help parents protect their children from online predators and keep them accountable for their web surfing habits.

Check out the many features of Spector Pro today at:



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