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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Is there a timer somewhere on my computer?

I would like to set myself a timer to keep me focused. I seem to spend WAY too much time browsing, clicking here and then there and find time has slipped away! LOL!

Thanks for all your helpful information.


Dear Joella,

I can certainly relate to your problem, I often find that I have sat down to catch up on email messages and have followed a link from a message, and clicked on a link there and the next thing I know, time has flown by.

I could not find a built in timer in Windows, so started looking elsewhere. Two programs came to mind that might be able to help you out, a free program, and a cool program you can purchase. Lets start with the free one.

I find that I tend to spend too much time on the computer, I get lost in a writing or designing project and I just keep going until my neck is stiff and my wrists hurt from typing and using the mouse. I use a simple, free program that reminds me (and forces me if necessary) to take frequent, small breaks, and occasional, longer breaks. The program is called, Workrave and you can find it online at: http://www.workrave.org/

I think that Workrave would work for you becuase it senses how long you have been using the mouse and keyboard, and reminds you to take breaks. You can set the amount of time that passes before you need a break, and you don’t have to remember to set a timer because it is always monitoring your computer usage.

The other program that has an actual timer function, (along with other fun features) is, Say The Time by Provenio Software. You can download a free trial of Say the Time using this link:

or if you prefer not to use the affiliate link above, just visit http://www.saythetime.com/ for more information. As always, I appreciate your support.


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    • JalB
    • November 4, 2013

    I use these for different things. They are online things that do not have to be d/l



    • ron007
    • November 4, 2013

    No version of Windows has the type of time you are looking for. However, as Elizabeth has identified there are lots of timer utilities you can download from the internet.

    Windows 8 has (free) one that I found useful. It is part of a program called “Toolbox”. One of the tools is a count down clock called “Notifier”. It doesn’t exactly fit your need, but I like it for other things.

    The “time loss”, extreme focus, problem you identified is well known. There are many timer applications designed to help with it. These tools provide periodic notifications to break your attention away from the computer giving you the excuse and opportunity to look away from the computer (changing your eye focus) and to and stretch on a timely basis. This is part of a subject called “ergonomics”.

  1. I have seen only that type of app on internet like talking alarm clock etc which gives you the facility that your computer tell the time or you can set the time on that online app. thanks 🙂

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