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Dear Computer Lady,

I have XP and ADOBE ACROBAT 6.0.  However, I want to upgrade to 7.0.  How do I do this?

Love all the hints and instructions in your newsletter.

Thanks a lot, Ruth

Dear Ruth,

It is quite easy to upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. It is good that you told me that you are running Windows XP, since version 7 does not work in Windows 98.

First, if you want to remove your old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you must go to the control panel and remove it. You don’t have to remove the old version, but if you try to remove it after you have installed the newer version, it might remove both the old and the new.

To remove your old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click on “Start” and then “Control Panel”.

In the Control Panel, double click on “Add Remove Programs” and find Adobe Acrobat Reader in the list of programs. Click on it, then click “Remove” to un-install the program.

Once you are ready to download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, head on over to www.adobe.com and look on the left hand edge of the page for the link that says “Get Adobe Reader” and click on it.

The next page has some information for you to read, and then a grey box that says “Step 1 of 2”. In this box, select your language, your platform (Windows XP) and the type of connection you have to the internet. This would be either dial-up or broadband.

Once you have finished the first three selections, a second box will appear below the first one that says “Step 2 of 2” This gives you several other options. I usually keep the check mark in the box that says “Download the full version” but remove the next two check marks since I don’t need the yahoo toolbar or Photoshop album. This will just make my download take longer.

Click the red “Continue” button at the bottom of the second section and you will go to a new page with a red “download” button. Click that button and a file download window will appear. You want to save the file to your hard drive, so click on the “Save” button.

In the next window, you will select the location you want to save the file in. It really doesn’t matter where you want to save it right now, you just need to remember where you saved it. The easiest place to remember is the desktop, so click on the drop down list next to the words “Save in” and click on “Desktop” then click on the “Save” button in the lower right hand corner of the window.

Your file will begin downloading and when it is done, you will either see a window that says “Download Complete”, or the window will automatically close and you will see the file you just downloaded on your desktop.

If you have the “Download Complete” window, just click on the “Open” button to start installing Adobe Acrobat Reader 7, or if you don’t have that window, find the file on your desktop and double click on it.

Now, just follow the instructions, click “Next” and “Finish” when needed and you will install the program on your computer.



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