What is Speccy?

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I have found I have a program called “speccy” on my computer & am wondering if this is doing anything useful or if it is a piece of malware. I googled it up but don’t know which sites to trust.

Thanks for all your great advice, Mary

Dear Mary,

You are in luck, it is not malware, Speccy is actually a useful little program from the makers of Ccleaner at www.piriform.com

Speccy is an advanced system information tool for your PC. It can tell you things like the type and amount of RAM on your system, also the speed and model of your CPU, motherboard, hard drive, etc.

Two things that I really like about speccy is that it will also tell you the temperature of your components, which is great if you think there is something overheating in your computer, and it will tell you exactly when Windows was installed on your computer.

My guess is that someone who was working on your computer installed it so that they could access some of this information.



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