Which Version of Quicken?

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I have Windows 7 and had downloaded Quicken Delux 2008.

After a computer crash, 7 was restored along with the Quicken files but I could not reload the software program and therefore was not able to access my Quicken files. .

Now I need to know which Quicken Software program to buy for home use where it will allow me to access and update my old files.

I had tried Quicken Starter but could never unlock the program or download it to get it started and sent it back. Hopefully you have an answer for me.

Many thanks, L. Walker

Dear L,

The “Starter” version of Quicken is only for those who want to start a new file. It does not include the capability of opening an existing Quicken file, which is probably why you were unable to get it to work on your files.

There are several versions of Quicken available that will allow you to access and update your old files, Quicken Deluxe, Quicken Home & Business, and Quicken Premier would all work for you.



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