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Dear Computer Lady,

I purchased a refurb HP laptop with Word. I cannot find the 25 digit code needed to register Word. There was no included info to register this.

Any ideas? Sue


Dear Sue,

Was this purchase a private sale, or did you buy it in a store?

If you bought it from a store, or directly from HP, chances are that it came with a trial of Word, and after the trial period you would need to purchase the code from Microsoft.

Most computers sold today do come with that “free trial” of Microsoft Office.

If you purchased Word with the computer, you would have it listed on your invoice with a separate charge for it.

If you bought the laptop in a private sale, the person you bought it from should have provided the paperwork with the 25 digit code on it. Often people don’t realize that they need something like this until they have the computer worked on years later.

So, what do you do if you find yourself without a licensed version of Word, and you don’t have the money to buy yourself a copy?

I would suggest that you give Open Office a try. It is a free program that you can download from:


Open Office will do most of the tasks that Microsoft office can do, but without the cost.


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    • alexnetherton
    • September 24, 2009

    My computer came with Microsoft Office. I promptly removed it and installed OpenOffice 3.0. I would not use anything else. It does everything Office does EXCEPT for having something like Outlook, but I use Thunderbird mail and calendar anyway.
    It is simply not worth paying the high price for Office IMHO.

    • dawne007
    • September 26, 2009

    Dear Computer Lady- for Sue who wrote about the Word 25 digit code–if she would download Belarc Advisor & run it, it lists everything on/in your computer along with the number keys.

    i love your newsletter! thanx, dawne


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