Xara Designer Pro X Review

Xara Designer Pro X

I recently had the opportunity to review an amazing program called Xara Designer Pro X.

Xara Designer Pro X

This program, is a graphics program to start, but it also allows you to easily create HTML web pages and entire websites.

While it is possible to create designs starting with a blank page, I think the real power of this program comes from the many web page and website templates that are completely customizable. All you need it do is find a layout that you like, load it in Xara and start making changes. You can change colors quickly and easily, put in your own photographs and clip art, and type your own text. When you are done, Xara will automatically convert the document to HTML and upload it to your web server for you.

If you need a little inspiration, or help to get started, there are lots of Xara demo movies in the help menu. Just click on “Help” and then “Movies” to get started learning about the program

The design gallery is always improving and updating. In fact, when you start Xara Design Pro while your computer is online, the design gallery is automatically updated with the latest designs from their website. This gives you a constant supply of fresh themes and ideas to work with.

When you open a template, you can change colors simply by dragging a color from the color line along the bottom of the window, directly to the object you want to change the color of. Also, when you are ready to make even more changes, right-clicking on the object or page will give you a context menu that is loaded with useful operations specifically for the item that you right-clicked on.

Give Xara Designer Pro X a try today at:

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